Pokémon Sleep: expected release date, trailer, news, and more

Just when you thought you had all the Pokémon you needed in your life, here comes a way to interact with the world of Pokémon while you sleep. First announced in 2019 and quietly in development since, the mobile app Pokémon Sleep is set to launch in 2023, the Pokémon Company recently announced.

You may have caught all the Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet or Pokémon Legends: Arceus, but have you studied their sleeping habits? Here’s everything you need to know about this new Pokémon experience.

What is Pokémon Sleep?

Pokémon Sleep is a spinoff mobile Pokémon game that allows players to interact with the world of Pokémon through sleep tracking. It’s a gamified sleep-tracking app that tosses players on a new island built around a sleeping Snorlax. Professor Neroli tasks players with helping him research Pokémon sleeping habits. That’s simply accomplished by leaving your phone next to your pillow while you sleep. The app will record and analyze sleep like any tracker. You can also use the upcoming Pokémon Go Plus Plus companion device to help track your sleep, although it doesn’t appear that the extra tool is necessary.

Depending on how well you sleep — sleep is divided into dozing, snoozing, and slumbering — you’ll attract different kinds of Pokémon that you can then research. While players won’t “catch” Pokémon, they can collect different creatures and their sleeping styles.

Introduction Video | Pokémon Sleep

Release date

Pokémon Sleep is set to release sometime in summer 2023.

Hopefully, Pokémon Sleep isn’t delayed for any reason. Originally announced in 2019 with a 2020 release date, the project has been totally silent for a few years.


Just like Pokémon GO, Pokémon Sleep will be available on both iOS and Android devices.

Does Pokémon Sleep have AR functionality?

The official Pokémon Sleep features AR Pokémon snoozing with players using the app, but there is no official AR functionality like there is in Pokémon GO.

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